The joy of a handful of soil and the feeling of the African sun on your face.

True riches do not lie in possessions, but in experiences and the memories of these experiences. Marras Wines are conduits for the making of memories; it’s as simple as that. Whether you enjoy our wines in your PJs with a boerie roll, or are dressed to impress, the most important thing is to be yourself, be nothing else.


Its purpose only becomes apparent when it’s opened and shared with friends, family and loved ones. Let the twist of the cap or the crack of the can create the backdrop for memories that will last a lifetime. Make time stand still with that satisfying trickle into the glass as the sun sets, marked with the clink of toasts drunk to good health and good fortune. We are only here to experience this time and this place for the briefest of moments – it’s our responsibility to drink it all in. Determined to make a mark amidst weathered vines in the harsh soil of the Swartland and Piekenierskloof regions, we frame the unique, wild beauty and sun-drenched character of the unspoilt hinterland by finding the most fascinating parcels and allowing each varietal to express itself fully in the cellar – honestly – authentically, with many braais to keep the flame of inspiration burning.


Son of the soil Martin ‘Marras’ Lamprecht was born Capetonian and raised in the small town of Dundee in KwaZulu-Natal. He blames his close-knit family for his love of life and all the beautiful and delicious things in it. It was this joy of sharing experiences that sent Marras down the winemaking path; he graduated from Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute with a Cum Laude in B.Agric Cellar Technology in 2010, the academic equivalent of All Gold Tomato Sauce. Armed only with the best recipe for braaibroodjies and fledgling ambitions, he was then mentored by the legendary David Nieuwoudt of Cederberg Wines. The time came to share that recipe with others, and Marras with the searching soul of a jackal made his way to the Northern Rhône Valley, France and found that he had quite a bit to learn from the French, including that a winemaker must never overestimate his own importance. They also taught him how to produce wines that showcase the history of the vineyard and its people, while introducing him to some of the singular varietals he came to rediscover back home in the Swartland and Piekenierskloof. In return he showed them how to properly gooi a braai.

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